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Jordi Barnadas Gallery Barcelona

Opened in the 1992, the Olympic year for Barcelona, with its many visitors and sports fans, Jordi Barnadas Gallery is specialized in the most traditional things: oil paintings and original graphic work.


When the grand majority of the exhibition spaces went for new artistic expressions (such as performance or installation), Jordi Barnadas went for the more conservative format, although that doesn´t mean that the artists he presents don´t use avant-garde to manifest their singular way of expression.


The names that come up on this gallery´s webpage are the most representative of the new national figuration, although they also pay special attention to artists who are from other parts of the world.


Although in this guide we like to point out art galleries of all trends, it´s in places like this, the one that´s managed by Jordi Barnadas, that have the right ideals to start off in the world of art. The Catalan capital is an ideal place for it and you might be so fascinated that you take back a painting to your apartments in Barcelona to enjoy it later on at home. Those who dedicate their leisure time to this, recommend it fervently. Us, too.