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Kapala in Rome

Rome is full of beauty, like the Colosseum for example, which is considered one of the most visited places in the world by hundreds of thousands of tourists. But as well as having the Colosseum, there are many museums, monuments and parks with history in which you can spend a nice time.

Many of those who arrive in the Italian city and don´t want to waste time closed in a restaurant, decide to buy food to take away. Despite many people being fans of Italian cuisine, there are many who don´t enjoy it as much or want a change. If you´re one of the latter, Kapala is a place that presents the most exquisite Greek dishes to take away that you can find in the city.

Kapala is located in a strategic point in the city and, for that reason, if you´re in the city centre, you have to visit it. The prices that it has are very reduced and its dishes are made by expert Greek chefs.

If you´re thinking about visit the city you just have to rent apartments in Rome and, finally, enjoy Greek food without spending too much money.