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Kidzania Park Lisbon

Kidzania Park is a theme park in Lisbon which children love and parents are grateful for.

Kidzania was created for children from the ages of 3 to 15 and it´s a city built at a scale where children can play to be ´older´ in the middle of a pretty realistic decoration.

The children choose between 60 different jobs and then work in the replicate establishments created around the park: hospital, airport, theatre, factories, car circuits, police station, fire station, newspapers, football pitches, TV studios and much more.

It´s created under the concept of learning while playing, taking into account the content that children of these ages learn at school and under the rules of citizenship.

It´s pure fun for children and for the parents to relax and even go shopping in the shopping centre where the park is. Kidzania has a bracelet system for locating the children.

Perfect for those who visit apartments in Lisbon with their children.