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La Concepción Botanical Garden in Malaga

Some of the best reasons to visit Málaga are its beaches, its Summer Fairs, its lively atmosphere, its exquisite cuisine and, of course, its good weather throughout the year. However, when coming to Malaga looking for cultural and artistic activities to do, La Concepción Botanical Garden has to be first on our list.


Photo: rosergoula

Located right at the top of Málaga Mountains, we’ll discover the beautiful La Concepción Botanical Garden, which is one of the most beautiful tropical and subtropical gardens in Spain and in Europe.

When I first visited the garden, its beauty fascinated me; I couldn’t explain the existence of a botanical garden of this magnitude located in a coastal city. The Marquis of Casa Loring created the garden in 1855. In 1943 it was declared a Historic-Artistic Garden and currently it is regarded as a place of Cultural interest (BIC as for its abbreviation in Spanish).  The city of Malaga purchased it in 1990, remodeled it and opened it to the public in 1994. A year after its opening, the Association of Friends of the Botanical Garden was founded with the aim of protecting the natural species in it contained.

The beautiful La Concepción Garden has a large collection of flora from Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. This Malaga’s gem fascinates me, making me feel like in a tropical forest thousand kilometers away. Olive, almond and citrus trees represent a large collection called “Around the World in 80 Trees”, which talks about the cultural, artistic and historic character of the garden.

Considered as a Heritage site, the garden was once a meeting place for illustrious people of the nineteenth century in Malaga. Several buildings were built in this location as: the Palace House, the house of the cypresses, the house of the manager, the house of the gardener, the school, two green houses, a large gazebo, fountains, bridges, stairways and the Loringiano Museum, which is a place that houses archaeological findings of a mosaic depicting the twelve labors of Hercules.

San Telmo Aqueduct is tucked between branches 10 km from the river Guadalmina. Passing through 33 bridges and 30 small aqueducts, the water coming from the aqueduct up to the Botanical Gardens creates a splendid waterfall.

The visit is unforgettable to any tourist.

According to a legend, the Botanical Garden was created after a seven-year trip around Europe, in which a young couple decided to merge several properties to grow exotic plants brought from different parts of the world.

A total of 49 acres distributed in the historic garden and the agricultural area La Concepción. The garden contains over 2000 species of plants, including ancient Ficus trees, magnolias, aquatic plants, bamboos, orchids, insectivorous, fruit trees and so on. In addition to this, there you’ll find 100 different species of tropical palm trees.

After a long walk, it´s worth going to “Los Amigos” viewpoint, where you’ll see a panoramic view of Malaga. This is a perfect place to take pictures.

The Botanical Garden offers several tours. There, you can also have a wedding reception and even have a photo session.

For more information http://laconcepcion.malaga.eu


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