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Spectacular Urban Gardens

Few pleasures can be compared to walking through a garden full of flowers and scents in the shade. If we add the advantage of being but a few meters from the hustle and bustle of the city, the garden becomes an oasis and the pleasure is even greater, since we can escape the noise and pollution without having to travel very far. If this appeals to you, here are five urban gardens that you can immerse yourself in without ever leaving the city.

Spectacular <b>urban</b> gardens
By Shaun Merritt

Chelsea Physic Garden – London

Every year in the neighborhood of Chelsea, they hold the Chelsea Flower Show, an event focusing on flowers and plants where you can visit small, stunning gardens. And don’t worry if you aren’t lucky enough to be in London during the month of May. The Chelsea Physic Garden was founded in the 17th century and its name comes from the plants used to heal. Its plants, trees and flowers make this garden an oasis in the British capital, a place to walk or sit on a bench and rest amid great natural beauty.

Jardins Majorelle – Marrakech

Who knew that the desert could be home to a garden of such beauty! In the city of Marrakech, Morocco, this botanical garden has served as inspiration for artists of previous generations. You’ll find desert plants like cactus surrounded by ponds and palm trees. Property of the late couturier Yves Saint- Laurent, the Majorelle gardens are the perfect spot to come and escape the noise of the city center and the hubbub that occurs in the souks.

Conservatory Garden – New York

Located in Central Park, this garden of 24,000 m2 is divided into three small gardens styles–French, Italian, and English. White and pink flowers cover its small trails that are perfect for relaxing, something that is always welcome in the Big Apple. Enjoy a brisk walk or relax and read while enjoying being surrounded by so much beauty in these gardens. For soothing sounds, seek out the ponds and fountains for even more relaxation.

Shinjuku Gyoen – Tokyo

This garden contains more than a thousand Japanese cherry trees and when the blossoms are out, it creates one of the most beautiful scenes imaginable. In this garden you can stroll beside the pond, stop and rest on the grass, or take some of the most stunning photographs of these trees. They bloom later than other cherry trees, so it’s a great choice if you missed the season when most cherry are in blossom. It’s definitely an oasis in the middle of one of the largest metropolises in the world.

Sun Yat-sen Gardens – Vancouver

These classical Chinese gardens are in the middle of the Canadian city of Vancouver, in the city’s Chinatown. This garden can be visited at any time of year and is intended to promote Chinese culture and the bridge linking it with the Western world. They are named after the Chinese policy of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. Enjoy Chinese architecture and the pond surrounded by trees and be transported to the faraway country that has provided so much scenic beauty.