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Latin Culture in Barcelona

To be Latino, Latin American, South American, whatever you prefer to call them, in Europe. Spain held colonies in America for hundreds of years, influencing, with the Bible in front, their culture, traditions and the Castilian language, which was spread across America and is now spoken by millions. However, in Latin America the Castilian is called Spanish. And Spanish in Latin America, has so many contrasts, accents, expressions, slangs, which have made the language a sea of sounds, identities and indescribable beauty. Thus, a language that was imposed as a synonymous of control, nowadays is assimilated and returned with a new face, new meanings, expressions, meanings, poetry and music.


Now analyzing such an impact in Latin America, from the most logical point of view, it would have to be pretty stupid not to consider a relevant immigration to Spain from these countries, and therefore cultural presence and exchange. Unfortunately, light or not as light fascism that is sometimes spread among Spanish people, seems not to allow us to see that the cultural exchange with America and other cultures, has been having a major importance in Spain for centuries and will not be erased. Recall also the ancestral Arab presence in Spain.

It has been demonized both the Latin Kings, the disaster of their “bad influence” on the culture and the Spanish youth that borders on the ridiculous. It is true that there have been acts of violence, but those are definitely less than the ones caused by the Spanish regionalism and racism that are still present among us, or violence and separation generated by the big business of football. With the crisis, it´s easy to blame the immigrant, the people other color, and considering that the creation of repressive laws could solve the problem of economics and politics is simply nonsense. Intolerance and xenophobia, ladies and gentlemen, have never led anyone anywhere.

In Barcelona, Latin culture has great relevance and influence in many rewarding ways, as the music that brings to the city´s cultural life, ranging from salsa, merengue, trova, rock, reggueaton, Latin jazz, fusion, rap, bossanova, among many other styles. Similarly, the Latin American food diversity and dishes is very abundant. Just visit the city center and you will find Brazilian, Peruvian and Mexican food among many others: culture enters the palate and makes us fall in love with it. Latino community in Spain is one of the ones that with a lot of effort, is devoted to the progress, work and development of their communities. The desire of the Latin Kings and their interest for establishing themselves as a cultural association, was demonstrated some years ago. Things are not like media sell them to us, just open your eyes a little bit and recognize that cultural exchange is the something from the present and nationalism are a thing of the past.


Get apartments in Barcelona and enjoy its cultural diversity. Barcelona is one of the richest cities in terms of culture in Spain, make sure to discover the city and get to know the people who come from all over the world.