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3 Kings Day Parade

For someone from a traditionally Catholic country like ours The Three Kings need no presentation, but in other countries for their uniqueness it can become a new celebration. And this is what happens in New York. This event takes place on January 6 at 10:30 am and the parade lasts about an hour and a half throughout the streets of Hispanic  Harlem known as The Barrio in New York. Its starting point is between 106th Street and Madison Avenue and ends at 115 and Park Avenue.


As in all such parades commemorating the arrival of the Three Kings , Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar, who according to tradition went to Bethlehem to bring gifts to the just newborn baby Jesus. And after many centuries they are still those who give the gifts to many children in the world,  this is one of the biggest illusions of hundreds of thousands of Spanish-speaking children. And these have previously been  preparing letters expressing their desires. And if they are bad they run the risk that their gift is coal.

How does a city like New York going to be left behind in this? Obviously not and therefore it has its own parade.

Because the 3 Kings can reach all parts of the world for they are ubiquitous.

It is a procession as we are used to on these occasions, full of animals, camels, donkeys, with background music, although unlike other kings they are not uploaded on floats, but tend to walk surrounded by their animals who are of a great size, colored puppets about 5 meters high.

A huge part of the public, participate in the parade organizations  community and school groups.

It is managed by the Museo del Barrio, a museum dedicated to the Spanish culture, Latin , etc.Its aim is to preserve the culture of all Latin Americans, a very important community in the United States. It is a multidisciplinary museum, with exhibits, films, cultural and educational activities as this parade. Its aim is to preserve the culture of Latinos and making it accessible to other people.

Attendance is free and remember to wrap up. We recommend hand and foot warmers. When we get hungry between neighborhoods, bakeries can be found where the classic twisted pastry roll of kings is sold.

This parade is a delight for children mainly but it becomes a social event where several generations come together simultaneously with strong presence in Latin America. Children with their parents are the most seen, but also neighbors, onlookers, tourists, teachers, artists, politicians join in. We know that America is a country where conventions and traditions are deeply en rooted  in society.


Whether you´re in New York with children or not, this is a great activity for a day out during the morning walking around the neighborhood. Spend your holidays in New York apartments!