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Leonardo da Vinci Museum Florence

The Leonardo da Vinci Museum is open in Florence to bring together the visitors with the most important Italian genius from the Renaissance. Located on Via dei Servi 66r, it offers the visitor a unique experience by getting to know the creations of a man ahead of his time.

Leonardo da Vinci was born in Florence and it´s difficult to place him in a certain field, since he was a great painter but also an inventor, anatomist, architect, designer, philosopher, botanic, writer and he also dominated other sciences, and so he´s been considered as one of the greatest geniuses in mankind.

The museum gives the chance of seeing an important part of his works, further than his pictorial works. There we can find the writings, notes and sketches on his works and inventions. You can also see the reconstruction of their wooden models, made by the World Wide Museum Activities from the designs that da Vinci left behind.

The machine reconstructions are also very beautiful, with impressive details. The exhibition has a hydraulic saw, flying machines, printers and a tank that can move. The museum is ideal to attend with children. It´s open every from 9.30am until 6pm.

Seeing the work of Leonardo da Vinci is just as sublime as renting apartments in Florence that you only have to book in good time.