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MadSegs Madrid

There are many ways of doing tours around the different cities in the world. The offerings go from bicycles, walking, by bus, or even cars for those who don´t like or can´t move around too much. But this is different, and it will take you around Madrid on a Segway, which is a new an unconventional form of transport.

Those who want to do this type of tours, just have to get in touch with the people at MadSegs to see from the heart of the city to the places which are a bit further away. This vehicle, which allows you to balance perfectly and transports you quickly among people, was created especially to be able to walk without problems in places where there are many pedestrians. For this reason it´s ideal to be able to move around Madrid, where there´s a lot of people and thousands of tourists around all the time.

The booking and rental process of the Segways and the guided tours is made through the Internet and by phone, so you don´t have to bother to go somewhere especially for it. If you want to get to know the city in a different way, this is ideal. All that´s left is to rent apartments in Madrid and see it thoroughly.