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Velo-Touring Budapest

Around the world there are more and more alternative ways of transport to get to see a city, and many of the people who travel decide to opt, among all the available ones, for the old but ever useful bicycle. All the cities in the world, or at least the most important ones, have places that allow the tourists to rent these bicycles to see the streets in a different way.


If you´re in Budapest, one of the best places you can choose is definitely Velo-Touring, which is a place where you can rent bicycles but, at the same time, hire guided tours so they can show you the most important places in the city at affordable prices.


You can rent bicycles both via email or via phone, so you make sure you have your spot on the tour but, because they have so much variety and so many available vehicles, you´ll most probably end up doing it the same day.


If you want to see one of the cities in Europe with the most history, parks and beautiful monuments to enjoy, you just have to rent apartments in Budapest and go to Velo-Touring and enjoy the city on two wheels.