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The Magic of the Greek Islands and Beaches

Greece is one of the most desirable tourist destinations in Europe, due in large part to its islands. The country is made up of 6,000 of them. You will no doubt be dazzled by the beach parties, the magnificent cuisine, the Mediterranean smells, the marine species and, of course, the people. The Hellenic country is also a “Mecca” for diving. Its unique beaches are located in the middle of the Aegean Sea and have colorful sand — white, red, golden or black, like you’ve only ever seen on postcards before. This is our tour of the best beaches in Greece.



Photo by Silviapef

Red Beach in Santorini: The Red Beach, which is located in the southern part of the island, has a very special beauty: the color of its sand and rocks. It´s fascinating to see how the reddish color of the sand melts into the blue sea. The views from on top of the cliff are spectacular and down below it’s so peaceful. It is a perfect place to relax.

Superparadise Beach in Mykonos: This beach is most famous for its gay nightlife and parties. There are lots of bars, all of which are full of fashionable people and good vibes. Wherever you are from or whoever you are, you are guaranteed to have a good time.


Photo via Pinterest Charleemelv

The Cove at Agios Ioannis in Mykonos: To see the authentic sands of the Archipelago of Cyclades, I suggest you go to the western part of the island, to the cove at Agios Ioannis, where the bustle of Superparadise disappears completely and you can get in touch with nature. The cove has a unique magnetism; it´s like being in paradise.

cala Agios Ioannis

Vlychada Beach in Santorini: This beach of fine white sand is one of the most sought-after by tourists looking to spend their holiday somewhere cool. In the afternoon and evening there are go-go dancers in the nightclubs and tons of alcohol. Mornings are quieter, when people are mostly sunbathing or sleeping in after a long night of partying and drinking.

Vlychada, Santorini

Kolimbithres Beach in Paros: Not everything is in Mykonos or Santorini; one certainly shouldn’t overlook Paros. The beautiful Kolimbithres Beach is located in the town of Naoussa. With its crystal clear water, clean beaches and white rocks, it seems the perfect place for photos. It certainly seems like one of the most wild and beautiful beaches. It is perfect for swimming (because it is very quiet), for water sports (for the same reason) and scuba diving (for its rich flora and fauna). If you like diving, it will leave you speechless. It’s highly recommended for those who have an Open Water title or for those who would like a trial by fire, so to say.

Kolimbithres, Paros

 Beach in Ios: This, the smallest of the Greek Islands, is not less popular. Here, you’ll find bars and restaurants of all types and it’s an ideal place to spend the day with family or friends. It is fairly quiet and the views are great since all the houses around are white. Once you arrive, you’ll see that this beach is the typical idyllic image that people conjure up when they think of Greek islands.

 Mylopotas, Ios