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Making of – The Bikes in the Video

Doesn’t everyone know how to ride a bike? It’s a comfortable, clean and cheap way to get around. During our creative meetings, we always thought about showing our team getting around by bike. We sincerely believe that there is no better way to visit and discover parts of cities that you would otherwise not get to enjoy.


We started to look for companies that are devoted to renting bicycles and we found one that just happened to be located a few meters from our office. We told them our idea of making a video to show people the way we understand this type of travel and they kindly agreed since they felt similarly. The company that gave us bikes to use was Bike Rental Barcelona. We were able to ride along the sea on some very comfortable bikes. We hope you like the location we chose, because the truth is it is a lesser known beach inBarcelona. This is thebeach ofBadalona, which is known because of the factory of Anis del Mono. There is a bridge that juts out into the sea, from which you can have amazing views.

Getting around by bike is healthy, fun and inexpensive. If you want to discover Barcelonaup close and personal, check out the bikes at Bike Rental Barcelona. They offer delivery service and mobile assistance to ensure that your travels are comfortable. They will pick you up or drop you off as well as help you out with any problems you may encounter. If you would like a tour guide, find out more about their guided trips.

The only thing left to say is thanks to Bike Rental Barcelona! Use our website to find cheap apartments in Barcelona and then rent a bike to have a unique experience in this beautiful city.