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In this post we will explain how the “Management” screen of the extranet works and how you fill out each of the sections. Remember that if you have questions please write us at property@only-apartments.com. How do I fill out the “Tasks” tab? On this screen you have the list of all the tasks associated with each property (basically check- ins, check- outs and cleaning, but you can create others). You can filter tasks by clicking on the corresponding icon, or searching by name. 700-501 exam

To create a new task, click “Create Task”, fill the fields and save. This task is automatically associated to the apartment and book you specified and will appear in your task list. Tasks can also be created in the “Reservations” tab. Just click on one of the reservations and follow the link “related tasks”. Whether you do it on here as if you think through the “Tasks” tab, the information will appear on both sides. How do I fill out the “Contact” tab? This section is designed to help you sort your contacts in case you have many properties with different persons associated with them. Click “New contact”, fill in the fields (associating the contact to a property), and hit “Save”. The contact will then appear on your list. Contacts can also be created at the time you are uploading a property (the “Properties” tab, under “Contact”). Whether you think here or via the tab “Contacts”, the information will appear on both sides. How do I fill out the “Reports” tab? In the tab “Accountacy” you will see a list of all expenses or losses you’ve had. Click “Add expense” fill the fields and link it to a property. Then you can filter by property in order to know the cost of that particular property at a particular period. In the tab “Occupancy” help you keep track of everything at any time. You can find them by name or filter them by date or by type of action taken.640-461 dumps