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General Details

In this section, we will explain how the Extranet’s “General Details” screen works as well as how to fill out each section. Remember, if you have any questions you may contact us at property@only-apartments.com. How do I fill out the currency and monetary unit section? It’s quite simple. Choose the currency you wish to work with and this monetary unit will be applied throughout the entire registry process. Potential clients will have the option to view prices in the currency of their choice, as our system will automatically convert those prices.pass it exams How do I fill out the “Name and type of accommodation section?” For Name of accommodation, choose a name that will capture the client’s attention, while also providing a brief description of your property, 75 characters max. For example, “Beautiful 4 bedroom apt. with terrace and seaside view, “Modern loft in city center with parking included” or “Romantic apartment, ideal for couples.” We have set a maximum of 75 characters because we believe that a property’s name should not be too short, or too long. Also, this fits perfectly with our new web’s design. If you wish to upload a property with multiple apartments, (aparthotel, for example), you must provide a generic name for the entire property. Later, you will the option to provide a name for each apartment as desired. The Type of Property section is of utmost importance, because according to the property description you provide, the information that follows will pertain to that property specifically. For example, if you choose “Aparthotel” as the type of property, later on you will have the option to specify the type of accommodations that are available in each of the apartments or rooms. On the other hand, if you choose “Apartment” as the type of property, you will only have the option to provide accommodations for that apartment only. The Type of Building might also be important to some clients, so as in the previous case, choose an option that best suits your type of property. How do I fill out the “Location” section? Choose the country, city, and area in which your property is located. If your city or area has not been created, choose “Other” and you will have the option to type it in. The system will automatically create the new location, once it has been sent for review. Be sure to indicate the zip code as well as the full address of your apartment (building, floor, and room number.) We also ask for you to provide a “true floor,” due to its importance to some of our clients. If your property is located on the 1st floor of a building that has a “Mezzanine” and a “Ground Floor,” you must indicate that the “true floor” of your apartment is the 3rd floor of the building. Finally, you must indicate the distance of the property from the city center. Once you have provided this, you can move the cursor on the map if it does not match the exact location. It is important that the location of your apartment is well indicated. Tenants will only know the exact location of your apartment once they have booked through Only-apartments, as they will receive a confirmation email with all of the details of the property as well as your contact information. How do I fill out the “Tourist categories” and “Transportation” section? Under “Tourist categories,” you must only provide one or two options. This allows us to categorize apartments, as well as provide a better selection for the client, in accordance to what it is they are searching for. Under “Transportation” information, you must check all fields that apply to indicate what methods of transportation are available near your apartment.pass 4 exams Once you have chosen a method of transport, a small section will be displayed for you to provide details such as bus route number, or name of metro station. This will allow the client to arrive at your property with relative ease.