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If you want to have fun in Prague, enjoy a night filled with music and fun with friends, one of the best clubs in the city is, undoubtedly, Mecca.


This place, one of the most popular ones, offers the best electronic music in the place with presentations not only of the best DJs in the Czech Republic but also from around Europe and the United States.


The club opened its doors six years ago and in little time it became in not only one of the most important ones but also one of the most influential ones in the dance scene in Prague.


Mecca is based in, above many things, presenting house music DJs although sometimes it also brings musicians of other genres. The dancefloor is big enough to hold a large quantity of people who want to have plenty of fun and dance all night long.


This is one of the best places to dance all night long until sunrise, surrounded by people with a good vibe from around the world and with the best electronic music.


If you want to go to Mecca, you can rent apartments in Prague and enjoy the city´s nightlife.