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CrossClub is the tourists´ favourite club when they visit the city of Prague. At the club there´s a warm and friendly atmosphere that favours new friendships and meeting people who are good to share a night of dancing and music.


This club is located a bit further from the city centre, in the northwest area of Prague called Holešovice, but it´s very easy to get to in taxi or metro and the small trip is worth it.


Another thing that the tourists like about CrossClub is that it´s frequented by locals and that allows them to get to know them, talk to them and even start a friendship with them. Every night it fills up with people from all over the world that want to have fun and dance to the rhythm of the best music.


The style of music that they play is varied and it also varies according to the room that you´re in, but there´s music for all tastes, from reggae to electronic music, going through all the genres in between.


If you rent apartments in Prague and you´re in the city for a few nights, you can get to know its clubs and bars, as well as the museums and monuments.