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Meet Your Account Manager

All owners who have registered their property at Only-apartments will have had the chance to exchange a couple of comments with their corresponding Account Manager. But who exactly are these people?

Their job is to advise us regarding our ad, to constantly remind us to keep our calendar up to date, to let us know whether any info is inaccurate, and they keep us informed about upcoming events and important dates that can bring in more bookings… In short, they are that Jiminy Cricket that every home owner needs and wants when it comes to managing the ad for their property at the Only-apartments website.

And it is high time to meet the face behind the name of each of those ‘voices of conscience’ that are at our disposal for whatever we may need.

To that end, we have created a brief questionnaire to help us zoom in a little on our Account Manager, know who we are talking to, and bring to life the character at the other end of the screen/phone line.