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Meet Your Account Manager: Adriana Pinheiro

  1. adrianaName: Adriana
  2. Country of origin: Brazil
  3. What can you recommend from your hometown?: See the Ilha Grande and the beaches of Arraial do Cabo, a paradise that almost no one visits when they come to my hometown.
  4. The market you work for: Portugal, Brazil and South America
  5. Your favorite foreign city: Barcelona
  6. What you like best about your job: Helping owners increase sales at Only-apartments.
  7. Your dream journey: The Maldives are a paradise I’d like to explore one day.
  8. Your favorite food: Estrogonoff de Frango. It’s a traditional dish from my home country, even though the name may not sound too Brazilian.
  9. What could never be missing in your suitcase: Excitement and a photo camera.
  10. What you value most in an apartment when traveling: The views, because I like to wake up to nice views over the city, beach or mountain.