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Megu is a restaurant in the city of New York that offers the best Japanese food, fresh and tasty. The meaning of “Megu”, the name of the place, is “blessing”, and the motto of this restaurant is to make the client feel comfortable, serving him in a personalizes way and with genuine Japanese hospitality.


The dishes that are served in this restaurant are unique and of an excellent quality because they use primary natural materials, and they´re prepared with a lot of dedication and love by the many specialized chefs.


Megu also agrees with taking care of the environment and because of that, everything that you find in its lounges is recyclable, sustainable and ecological. The atmosphere is totally relaxing and one can feel like if he is in a bubble of pleasure and tranquility when eating in the restaurant. The service of the waiters is first class, they are very delicate and attentive with the clients, always looking out so that client goes home happy. Yje silence and tranquility are two things that reign in this restaurant.


If you rented apartments in New york you´re in the city and you want to go and eat delicious Japanese food, visit the restaurant Megu where you´ll surely find the best oriental flavours.