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New York’s Best Hot Dog: Gray’s Papaya

Have you ever had a real American hot dog? If the answer is no, you have to try the ones served at Gray’s Papaya, in New York. This no-frills establishment comes up in all self-respecting tourist guides, and lately, nobody can resist checking out first hand why their hot dogs are so popular. I’ll give you some hints as to why.

The Best Street Food in New York

Whatever you´re looking for, the cosmopolitan, open and enormous city of New York will offer you plenty to do. In this post we are not going to bore you with talk about what you can see in New York, since you already know that. Instead, let´s talk about one of the tourist attractions of the city: the food you can eat in the Big Apple without entering any restaurant — street food. Cronut This is the happy union of two pastries prized worldwide: the donut and the croissant. That’s right, and it’s a dream come true for many. The original cronut was created by Dominique Ansel in his New York bakery of the same name. It is located on 189 Spring Street in lower Manhattan. The invention is relatively recent, but since becoming really popular in May 2013, it has spread worldwide. It costs $5 and is a must if you’re going to New York. But be forewarned: you very well might have to take a place in line!   Hot dog The hot dog is a quintessential New York snack that you’ll end up eating even if you want to avoid it because it’s so ubiquitous. You’ll be given the sausage in a bun and you can then add any condiments you’d like. They’re sold from carts all over the city, which makes them a very convenient food on the go. And they’re cheap! Pretzel This twisted dough snack is of German origin but can easily be found all over the city. And typical of the New York, you can get them in just about flavor (with sugar,...

Ice Cream Parlours in New York

Ice cream is one of those wonderful pleasures that can transform an ordinary day into a treat, a sweltering heat into exotic sugary bliss and a bustling city into an urban adult playground. Here is a list of some of New York City’s most loved and talked about ice cream parlours to help you treat yourself during your visit. Sky Ice Sweet & Savoury serves ice cream with a Thai twist, infusing flavours like sesame, wasabi and lychee into their sweet creamy treats. You can find it on 63 Fifth Ave. Victory Garden makes lactose-free, Middle-Eastern inspired deliciousness with goats milk and local ingredients. Favourite flavours include Salty Caramel, a rich cocoa chocolate, tangy goat milk yogurt and rose hibiscus sorbet. Find it on 31 Carmine Street in the West Village. Holey Cream is a treasure trove of sugary delights, with ice-creams, sorbets and frozen yogurts on offer next to donuts, cookies, muffins and more. Hit these guys up for a ice-cream sandwich made from a iced donut of your choice and an ice-cream centre. To get your fix, go to 796 Ninth Ave between 51st and 52nd.   Blue Marble is all about being eco, light on the added sugar and into seasonal flavours. They use certified organic flavour and pride themselves of offering ‘real’ food rather than preservative-packed desserts. Blue Marble can be found at 196 Court Street in Brooklyn. L’ Art de Gelato takes you to the romantic streets of Italy with one lick of their traditional-style ice-cream. With a love of artisanal, daily-fresh batches, this gelaterie can be found at 75 Ninth Ave, inside the...

AJA Restaurant New York

AJA is one of the best Asian food restaurants. Not only does it have excellent dishes but also a decoration according to Oriental culture.

Restaurant Wicker Park New York

Wicker Park is an American bistro with a very entertaining atmosphere, both for going to eat with friends as well as for spending a nice relaxing evening with your partner.

BonChon Chicken New York

If eating with loud background music and you like chicken dishes, BonChon is an ideal place for you and all your friends.

5 Leaves Restaurant New York

5 Leaves is a restaurant that stands out for it´s appearance and design. But that´s not the only interesting bit because its food is exquisite.

7A Café New York

7A is a popular café and restaurant on the corner of 7th and Avenue A, in front of Tomkins Park. It´s open 24 hours and it has a relaxing atmosphere.

Ouest Restaurant New York

Ouest has been in the city for over 20 years and thanks to its dishes, good vibe and relaxing atmosphere, it´s managed to become one of the most important.

5 Burro Cafe Restaurant New York

5 Burro Cafe is a restaurant that´s based on typical Mexican foods and cocktails. It has a very friendly atmosphere and design.