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Mercado Colón

The Mercado de Colón (Colón Market) is a classic of the city of Valencia and all the tourists that arrive to this city want to visit it.


Located in the centre of the city, the building was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century and it´s a concise example of the modernist architecture that happened at that time.


The architect was Francisco Mora Berenguer and he only took two years to complete the building. A few years ago was declared National Monument by the Spanish Government and today, it´s a centre of establishments dedicated to tourists.


The construction is beautiful and ideal to take a “postcard-picture” to take back home. The Mercado Colón has three main parts, all very big, wide and lit up, thanks to the enormous windows that open in its walls.


The most interesting thing about this market, as well as taking advantage of all its shops to buy gifts and souvenirs to take home, is that its decoration and architecture are an influence of the great genius and architect Antoni Gaudí.


Today, the most famous shops in the world are found there and one can buy whatever he wants without walking too much. Rent apartments in Valencia and don´t miss out on one of the jewels of the city.