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Metropolitan Art Museum

The Met, which is how the Metropolitan Art Museum in New York is known as, is one of the most famous in the city and it´s visited by millions of tourists every year. The place is a museum that has, mainly, collections of modern art and it´s located on the east side of Central Park, one of the most beautiful spots of the place.


The Met is one of the most visited places in the city because in its permanent collection it has over two million works of art that are divided in 19 departments of curation. This makes it into one of the world´s biggest art galleries.


At the museum we can observe works by different cultures among which figure the African, Asian, Oceanic, Bizantine and Islamic among others, where there are from sculptures to instruments.


The Met was founded in 1870 by a group of American citizens among which were brokers and important businessmen of the time, and it finally opened its doors in 1872.


Visiting the Met if you´re in the city is a must and if you want to walk through its immense galleries you can rent apartments in New york