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Picasso Museum

One of the most important and visited museums with the most important works in Málaga is the Picasso Museum and, rapidly, after its opening in 2003, it became part of the culture of the Spanish city.


The place that houses the museum today is the Palacio de Buenavista, which is a construction from the Renaissance that was built during the 16th century and finds itself in the heart of the city.


The person who was in charge of donating some of the most important paintings that form this permanent collection in the place was Christine Ruíz Picasso, who lent 133 works. 13 of them are paintings, 44 drawings, 9 sculptures and a notebook that has 36 drawings, 7 ceramics and 58 prints. On the other hand, Bernard Ruiz Picasso donated 22 works of the famous artist.


But if the museum is famous of its permanent collection, it´s also in charge of presenting different temporary exhibitions every year, that give the place very important added value.





If you want to visit one of the most important museums in Spain you can rent apartments in Málaga and enjoy one of Picasso´s most important collections that exist in the world.