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The modernist route of Barcelona and the Costa Brava

Towns where one breathes the history of Catalonia from another era, where buildings and gardens were built in great detail and artistic luxury for the families of the Catalan bourgeoisie, which at that time, spent summer in the Costa Brava. Buildings that stand today to become true jewels of Catalan Modernism and for tourists eager for culture and an environment full of natural beauty is a must to see.

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There are at least a couple of modernist routes we must mention, within these, we highlight some sites that are particularly important if you are looking to know more about Catalan Modernism. It is precisely these sites that we feature below.

Modernism in Catalonia, was born around 1900, and was a move of great importance that had outstanding artists in almost all fields of art, but one of the most important is, of course, architecture, where  Rafael Maso, Josep Cadafalch Puig, Lluis Domenech i Muntaner and of course, the greatest exponent of Catalan modernist architecture, Antoni Gaudí stand apart.

The route of the Costa Brava starts in Blanes, a town located 58 km from Barcelona and 32 from Girona, the provincial capital, which  is famous for its modernist houses, among them we find  the home of the Star, the center cultural house of the village, the Tordera house, Can Alemany, Can Can Panxo Nonell Gordo and others. By continuing to travel along the promenade, taking the coastal road there are some of the most beautiful gardens you can imagine. The most important of these is located between two creeks, Sa forcanera and San Francisco, the Marimurtra Botanical Garden, one of the most important gardens of its kind in Europe. we also highlight on the way to Lloret de Mar, The Piña Rosa Garden and the garden designed by architect Nicolau Maria Rubio i Tuduri, “The Garden of Santa Clotinde.”

Continuing the route, we arrive at Llorent de Mar, perhaps the most important tourist center of the Costa Brava. Here we find excellent examples of modernist buildings, like the Church of San Roma, the shrine of the Mother of God and Grace and the Holy Chapel. A few miles beyond the curvy road along the coast, Tossa de Mar is located and not only stands out for its modernist buildings, but also for itsimposing and well preserved medieval buildings, a walled city which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful of Catalonia. As important modernist building, we have  the Sans House of the architect Antoni Falguera.

To complete the route, end at the quintessential modernist jewel of the Costa Brava, San Feliu de Guixols. In this village we find works by renowned modernist architects such as Josep Puig i Cadafalch, “The Pantheon Homes,” we also  highlight the Casino dels Nois, The Patxot House and finally the Tower and the Punxes Estrada house, two jewels of Catalan Modernism that finalize a tour of great beauty and cultural richness.

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