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Molly Malone´s Irish Pub Amsterdam

If we mix the love for beer that the Dutch have with the one that the Irish have, we get something quite unique. For this reason, an Irish bar in Amsterdam is a very interesting option. Molly Malone´s Irish Pub is just that, and we can find it in the historical centre of the city where there used to be a warehouse. There we can have a good time with friends, family or our partner.


The bar is located only a few minutes from Centraal Station. Inside we can find whiskey barrels that will make you feel like if you´re in Ireland because inside Molly Malone´s Dublin is just around the corner.


Inside you´ll be able to find people from all around because the place is known not for only having exquisite beers and a very Irish vibe, but also for being visited by tourists. For this reason, if you want to meet people of different nationalities and have fun making friends from around the world, you´re in the right place.


If you want to have a good time, listen to good music, play darts and have a beer, you should visit Molly Malone´s Irish Pub. For that, you´ll have to rent apartments in Amsterdam