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Innovative sculptures by Subodh Gupta in Vienna

In the public space of Vienna Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz we can admire the wonderful sculpture “Et tu, Duchamp? Subodh Gupta´s innovative interpretation of the original work LHOOQ (1919) of the famous French artist Marcel Duchamp, in which we can appreciate the Mona Lisa with a moustache and beard like a goat. The bronze sculpture is black and large.

sobodh gupta

Subodh Khagaul was born in 1964, in Bihar, India. He is one of the most celebrated artists of this city. He studied at the College of Art in Patna. He later moved to New Delhi, where he lives and works. His works include painting, video, sculpture, photography, installations, etc…

His sculptures are known for using everyday utensils and objects from India, such as milk containers, cooking pots, bicycles, oil, brass, bronze, cow dung, etc… His work is an evolving reflection of experiences and history. For example in one of his works he used the luggage trolleys found in airports. In all his works we see the duality between poverty and wealth, the old, (like the items you use) and modern (as is his art), rural and urban.

Just to clarify, cow dung is a very important element in India and in his work. It is used among many other things for fuel, construction and to repel insects.

This great genius has had many solo shows and group exhibitions in many parts of Asia, Europe and America. Do not miss this great opportunity. Rent apartments in Vienna to enjoy this magnificent sculpture until October 31 and walk through this beautiful city.