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Erwin Wurm and his weird world of sculpture

Edwin Wurm is an interesting sculptor who lives and works in Vienna. He studied at the Academy of Applied Arts and Fine Arts in Vienna between 1979 and 1982.  He also works with photography and video installations.

He is known for producing peculiar reinterpretations of everyday figures and melding such mundane objects as pens, clothes, fruits or other elements of our lives into unique sculptures.

Recognized in different parts of the world for its particular way of showing the irony and humour  present in the world, his fun and interactive works have attracted fans worldwide. In many of his works, the play hinges on challenging the concepts of balance, space, weight and shape that we associate with these objects. At times it may appear to the visitor that the end results are absurd and meaningless, but so is life.


When you see the final result in a series of photographs is amazing how Erwin has managed to show so much in one simple gesture, and thereby convert a mundane object into a work of art. Examples of this include putting his feet in a bucket while wearing the other on his head, a maroon couch with a hole  through which we can put our head and shoulders, making bookshelves  with the subject´s hands and legs, or the head of a man with rolls of photographic film for eyes,  markers in his ears and nostrils, holding a stapler, an upside down and slightly tilted house, or sitting in a chair with his head on the floor.

If you want to know the capital where this magnificent artist lives and gets inspired, rent apartments in Vienna and enjoy this wonderful and beautiful city.