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Moto Mercado Malaga

Malaga is a beautiful city. It has an old town, large shopping centres with hundreds of shops, museums with important works of art, parks, unique religious architecture, archeological sites and many other attractions that result in the city being visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every.


Slowly, one of the ways that´s becoming more popular with the locals and the tourists to move around is renting motorbikes. This way, you don´t have to deal with traffic during rush our or spend large amounts of money by renting a car.


Moto Mercado is a rental company in Malaga that will allow you to rent different models of motorbikes that go from small ones to big ones with high horsepower for those who love speed. One of the most beautiful places to see on a motorbike are the beaches in Malaga. The city has 16 beaches with diverse nature and some of the most famous ones are San Julián, Guadalmar and Guadalhorce.


All those who want to enjoy the city just have to rent apartments in Malaga and they´ll have the chance to see all of its beautiful attractions.