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Museo dei Ragazzi Florence

For those who travel with children to Florence, one of the places that they should visit is the Museo dei Ragazzi, located inside the Museo di Palazzo Vecchio, also known as the Palazzo della Signoria.

This 13th century palace was the residence of the Dukes of Medici, Cosme and his wife Eleonor of Toledo.

The Museum of Children, built in 2000, has two areas or rooms where the children and the older ones will be able to enjoy an amazing vision of the history of Florence.

For the younger ones, there´s a theatre called the Bia and García story-telling room. The other room in this museum that´s for getting to know the culture of renaissance in Florence is designed for the older public, from the ages of 8 to 88.

In both sets the visitors actively participate, since everything that´s there is an educative and interactive dialogue.

For adults there are also excursions around the Palazzo Vecchio, for example to the archeological excavations of the ancient Roman theatre.

There are organized workshops for adults and children, the aim of which is to get to know in an entertaining way the history of the development of Florence. Each course lasts 75 minutes and take place from 9.30am to 10.45am and from 11am to 12.15pm.

So that your trip is entertaining if you go with your family, rent apartments in Florence and take your children to this cultural adventure that will enrich both of you.