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Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio

The city of Florence offers never ending squares and beautiful landscapes to see. The Piazza della Signoria and the Palazzo Vecchio are an example of that. They´re famous around the world because they find themselves in the centre of the city and for their architecture and history they´re a tourist attractive of a lot of interest.


Inside the Piazza della Signoria there´s the Palazzo Vecchio which stands out for its grandeur. Its tower is outstanding and it´s called Torre di Arnolfo because it rises alone in the middle of the construction and being 95 metres tall, it´s visible even in the distance. It has a clock and it´s the scenario of thousands of photographs that the tourists take daily.


Visiting the square is beautiful because it offers a warm place in the open air where one can relax from walking the city, drink a nice coffee, have an ice cream or simply sit there and read a book or talk to friends. The people from Florence are fanatics of this square and they visit it every day.


The Palazzo Vecchio is today a very busy museum because there they exhibit the works of Bronzino and Michelangelo for example. It´s a must see of the city.


The Piazza della Signoria offers other buildings, old constructions, sculptures and curiosities to discover.


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