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New Year’s Eve: with the Family vs. with Friends

What is it about New Year’s Eve that always catches us off-guard. Every year we resolve to plan it well in advance, but this just ends up being another one of those resolutions we leave behind along with the confetti and party hats. In other words, forgotten in any old corner.

What happens is we can’t bear the pressure of having to plan that incredibly perfect event that makes our entry into the New Year memorable. We have to find a creative, fun, glamorous, and yet affordable way to spend the last night of the year so that it stays etched in our memory until the next. But let’s not kid ourselves here… all we really end up remembering is the next day’s hangover and little more. So I’d like to invite you to do it differently this year. Simply choose the right company, and the rest will follow. Because any plan can be perfect if it’s shared with the right people, and the most unforgettable nights always turn out to be those involving the usual crowd improvising and little more.

So, if you don’t want to leave it all to the very last minute this New Year’s, and if you’ve finally decided to choose the best plan for a perfect New Year’s Eve, here are some suggestions for spending it in the full comfort of a centric apartment in your favorite city in the company of your people. Although you’ll have to choose: New Year’s with the family or with your friends?



Important dates should be experienced in the warmth of the family circle, surrounded by those who know us best and know what we like. Why waste time in impersonal parties and cold events when one could just as well be relaxing around a carefully set table with the most succulent homemade food. New Year’s recipes only served at family gatherings, traditional decorations that bring back fond memories… And if there are children present, it only makes it better. The excitement with which they live every moment of the change of year will only intensify your eagerness to start over again.

And what better than an apartment with all amenities, so you can travel and still feel right at home.


The charm of Venice is just timeless. But if you still don’t know the city, you can’t let this year go by without visiting. The beauty and magic of this city of canals will just fill you and your family with positive energy to start the year ahead. A cozy dinner in this dreamlike apartment and then a stroll down to Piazza San Marco, where the firework displays will be the icing on the cake to an unbeatable New Year’s Eve with the family.



Have you ever wondered what the Sagrada Familia looks like at night? It’s undoubtedly a scene at the reach of only a privileged few. If you are lucky enough to be staying at an apartment near the Sagrada Familia, you can be one of those lucky viewers. Choosing Barcelona for a New Year’s Eve with the family is the best way to combine culture, entertainment and comfort.

Spacious terrace, XXL sofa, designer kitchen, bunk beds… this Barcelona apartment is perfect for large families that value the small details. A real home away from home right by the Sagrada Familia.



The perfect destination for families with young children. New Year’s Eve is already a special time for them, but if we add a visit to Mickey Mouse and his friends at Disneyland Paris, the excitement will escalate times a thousand.

A spacious, fully equipped apartment with a garden very close to Montmartre is the right option for a New Year’s in Paris with children.




If you are among those who, after Christmas and Boxing Day, feel like they’ve had their full share of family reunions, you’re probably dying to organize a good New Year’s Eve plan with your friends. Let them all know well in advance and arrange a New Year’s Eve getaway. Let yourself get carried away by the excitement that characterizes the season and choose any destination you are all eager on. Book an apartment for groups and customize the night to your taste. Laughter is guaranteed.


Swallowing the twelve grapes to the stroke of the famous Puerta del Sol clock will have you starting out the night and the year in full swing, as well as with some funny anecdotes to remember. There’s always someone who chokes on the grapes, another who can’t manage to eat them all on time, or someone who takes the seeds out one by one… without fail.

And after that magical part of the night, music and partying ensues. Nothing better than Madrid’s La Latina neighborhood for spending the night wandering from bar to bar with your friends. Can you picture yourselves staying at this amazing apartment in La Latina, terrace and breathtaking views included? We are only saying…


In Italy, Capodanno is the perfect excuse to let your wilder side shine through. New Year’s Eve in Rome with friends can only be synonymous with endless fun. We propose you book an apartment such as this one, with not just plenty of space for everyone but also an enormous terrace with views over Vatican City from which to toast, no more and no less.

Or perhaps you’d prefer something a bit less flashy, like this other apartment in Rome. It’s more modern and it features a large clock face presiding over the living room, so you don’t miss a single second of the countdown.


If you choose Berlin to start the year in, have no fear that you’ll find the perfect atmosphere for a modern and alternative celebration. It gets cold, you can’t deny that. And that’s why it makes perfect sense to choose an apartment equipped with a fireplace and a Jacuzzi, for instance, where the creative decor will go fit in perfectly with the most laid-back of parties.