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New York Fashion Week 2013 – 2014: the Mecca of Fashion

Madrid, Milan, Paris, London and New York … If there is anything these 5 cities have in common it’s their love of fashion and the newest trends. Although it seems strange, the spring and summer looks for next year have already arrived, which means you can already find something new, original and comfortable. So don’t miss out. Head to New York and be ahead of fashion. You’ll find Spanish brands such as Del Pozo and Custo Barcelona as well as Carolina Herrera, Donna Karan and Belstaff. Welcome to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, taking place from September 13 to 17.

Foto: Art Comments

This is the perfect place to discover the most revolutionary designers. The catwalks of New York showcase the most renowned names in fashion, but it also holds a number of surprises. Haute couture in September is synonymous with New York Fashion Week. And it gives you the perfect excuse to plan a get-away to the Big Apple, a trip that is certain to memorable.

Belstaff is the brand for you if you’re interested in leather this season, since it features a collection with lots of leather accents. Skirts, suits or tight leather pants abound. And even if it’s not the main material of the garment, it is often the second. Belstaff designs always find a way to incorporate a strip of leather strip, sometimes dyed and often lending a good splash of color.

Donna Karan is arriving to the U.S. with a collection of contrasts. And transparent materials are another important aspect. The type of contrasts you can expect include a variety of textures, even within the same garment: leather, satin, hair, suede, chiffon, etc.  And among the predominant colors of spring, you’ll also see black, gray and other earth tones.

Carolina Herrera presents one of her most feminine works which plays with the female silhouette. Suits and jackets are form-fitting with sculpted waists. You’ll see predominate feet-skimming, moving skirts and supremely elegant, tailored suit jackets. This season plays with geometric patterns again, and the collection of Carolina Herrera utilizes colors like rose quartz, sand color, brown and fuchsia.

Marc by Marc Jacobs arrives with looks that are a touch more casual but in flashy colors. Blue, red, yellow, green … and floral tones reminiscent of spring, as well as prints and geometric shapes can be seen. Among the most popular items that you can find on the catwalk this year in New York are military coats, jumpsuits and bell bottoms.

Among the Spanish companies, I’d like to highlight Pozo, which had a triumphant debut last year thanks to its distinctive look that is part of the legacy which Joseph Font, creative director of the brand since the death of Jesus del Pozo, has continued. When they made the leap “across the pond” last year for the first time, the reviews were so positive that they are returning this to New York this season with even more in store. This year, they continue to present very delicate and elegant forms more typical of the Victorian era. You’ll see garments with lots of volume in pastel colors such as salmon pink or beige. After last year’s success and the death of Jesus del Pozo, the public is eagerly awaiting the new collection. The company is making the most of their current international appeal.


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