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Only-apartments joins the MAB

We are pleased to announce that we will soon be entering the MAB, the Alternative Spanish Stock Exchange Market, with plans to expand past the European market. We were founded 10 years ago by Elisabet Cristià y Alon Eldar who had established a local apartment rental company online. In 2006, we began expanding into the European market opening various destinations across Europe. Today we have more than 24,000 apartments in 2,000 cities covering 106 countries. We attribute our success to various parts of our business. With our immediate booking system and instant confirmations, we are able to make reservations quick and clear; no need to speak another language or be in the same time zone. For you convenience, our website is translated in more than 20 languages with 24/7 customer support
service. Now we are ready for more! We have designed an expansion plan that
allows us to achieve 300,000 apartments within 24 months. With this new round of
the development of the owners extranet, which is the connecting tool between the large numbers of owners worldwide.