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Only-apartments celebrates its entry in the Alternative Spanish Stock Exchange Market (MAB)

On Monday July 28th took place  the event celebrating Only-apartments’ entry on the MAB. The entire team of Only-apartments, with owners, members and friends, were there to see how the stock market price began.

With this, the company is heading towards internationalization and a considerable expansion of its market. With the clear objective to expand and extend our geographical presence, we are planning to open offices in Miami, Asia and London.

The company is growing and positioning itself as a trusted brand, which will undoubtedly result in an increase in the number of travelers interested in renting apartments with us.

Gradually, we hope to become a benchmark in the tourism sector, keeping the instant online reservations system as the  main claim and advantage over the competition.

This is for sure a big step  in the evolution of the company that promises to multiply the business and attract new customers. These are, therefore, good news for everyone, as both owners and travelers will benefit from this new stage beginning.