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Cat Bar Barcelona

Unique bar a few steps away from Jaume I Square, with an enjoyable atmosphere with sounds of pop, punk, rock and indie rock.

Heliogábal Barcelona

It´s a cultural association located in the neighbourhood of Gràcia, with a permanent programme of concerts and musical events for the lively Barcelona nights.

Shôko Club Barcelona

One of the most popular nightclubs in the city where music and sea unite.

Electric Bar Barcelona

Electric Bar is a small and pleasant concert room which has become poopular among the lovers of jazz. It also has a bar and an exhibition room.

Arena Barcelona

One of the most prestigious Gay Circuit clubs in Barcelona located in the Eixample neighbourhood. Their style is a daring mix of musical genres.

Jamboree Barcelona

One of the most legendary places in Barcelona´s nightlife, where you´ll be able to find from jazz to electronic music, as well as pop and hip hop.


Moog is a club that opens every night of there year and where national and international techno DJs make everyone dance.


Razzmatazz is one of the most important and busiest clubs in Barcelona and you can´t not go if you want to have a good night dancing and meeting people.

Sala Bikini

Both a club and a concert hall, Bikini is an icon of the city of Barcelona because every night it thrills the public with good music from DJs or with live bands.

Otto Zutz

Otto Zutz is an ideal place to enjoy a full night of partying, music, dancing and delicious drinks in the city of Barcelona.

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