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Otto Zutz

Nightlife in Barcelona offers plenty of alternatives, but one of the most popular, chosen by the people of Barcelona and the tourists, is to go and dance to Otto Zutz.


For nearly 25 years this club has been lighting up Barcelona´s nightlife offering party, music, dancing and fun. The locals choose the place for its atmosphere whereas the tourists go to get to know the famous named bar Otto Zutz.


Situated on top of an old textile factory, this club maintains the essence of the place and it´s themed like if it was in the same factory, although everything is very modern and new.


The club has three separate dancefloors which play different types of music and the people that go to the club can move from one to another without any inconvenience. It also has a private room with the possibility of hiring exclusive tables to eat or drink.


If you rent apartments in Barcelona and don´t know what to do on a Friday night, I recommend that you visit Otto Zutz and I can assure you that it will give you a musical alternative of your liking to go and enjoy a night Spanish-style with loud music and sensual dancing.