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Moog is a small, atmospheric club in the centre of Barcelona, very close the Ramblas, which opens every single night of the year to offer the people who want to dance, the best tecnho and the best dancefloor.


Moog is a club that has two dancefloors, one on the lower floor and one on the upper floor, and there is a big bar in both floors where you can buy drinks.


The programme of parties that take place in Moog is, always, related to electronic music and all of its variants. One night it could be a famous DJ from the USA who comes to play minimal and another night it one from the Mediterranean who plays psytrance. It´s for all tastes.


But every night there´s a small dancefloor in the upper floor where they always play electro pop and disco music from the 80s .


Also, if most of the time the DJs are local, wednesdays are the days which the international artists are in charge of making all the spectators dance.


If you´re an electronic music lover and, above all, techno, Moog is the perfect place in which you can go and dance and enjoy the whole of the night. Rent apartments in Barcelona and enjoy the place.