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Only-Be Malagueño

El Hammam Málaga

The Hammam in Málaga is an urban spa that brings back tradition from the old Arabic baths without giving up on Oriental techniques.

Irish Pub O´Neill´s Málaga

O´Neill´s is an Irish bar where you can enjoy the best beers with your friends or partner. You can´t miss it if you´re in Málaga.

Richard Prince in Málaga

The Picasso Museum in Málaga, one of the most important ones of this Spanish city, will carry out exhibitions related with Pablo Picasso during the whole year, one of the most important artists in the history of art. During the whole of 2012, it will present exhibitions that will pay tribute to Picasso, and one of the most awaited ones is, without doubt, the one labelled ´Prince/Picasso´, that will begin on the 27th of February and will go on until the 27th of May. In this exhibition we can enjoy different collages and photocollages that Richard Prince, the famous American artist, created in the last few years. It will be the first time that they´re exhibited so it´s a true premiere from this particular museum. In the exhibition, Prince will approach Picasso with a technique called ´radical cannibalism´, through which he will try and generate feelings related to sexuality, eroticism and desire towards the visitor. This way, the Picasso Museum in Málaga will fulfill its mission of showing different controversial contemporary works in the same way that Picasso did in his day. Richard Prince became famous and, at the same time, generated a lot of controversy in the world of art both from his fans and his critics. His work turned him into one of the most observed and important exhibitors of late and thousands of people await impatiently his presentatons. More information: http://www2.museopicassomalaga.org/03_1frameset.htm?03_1_1.cfm%3Fid%3D79 Picasso Museum Málaga: C/ San Agustín, 8  29015 Málaga, Spain MiLK Málaga is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. It has some of the most important museums in the country, beautiful monuments and parks full...

Lo Güeno Málaga

Lo Güeno is a bar for going to eat tapas in Málaga. It has great diversity and it was especially created for you to have a good time with your partner or your

Liceo Flamenco Málaga

Liceo Flamenco in Málaga offers flamenco singing and dancing shows accompanied by a light meal.

ZZ Pub Malaga

In the centre of Málaga we find ZZ Pub, a legend in the Mediterranean capital with live music.

Isabel Hurley Gallery Málaga

The Isabel Hurley Gallery is located next to the new museums in Málaga. The city is fast becoming an art destination.

Alfredo Viñas Gallery Málaga

The Alfredo Viñas Gallery, in Málaga, due to the famous artists it manages, is one of the most important ones in the country.

Malaga Custom Bikes

A good way of spending your holiday is by renting bicycles at Málaga Custom Bikes, where you´ll find a warm and professional service.

Economy Transfer.com Malaga

So that your arrival in Malaga is a relaxed one, nothing better than a good transfer from the airport to your final destination in the city. That´s what Economy Transfer.com