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El Hammam Málaga

Malaga is one of those cities that´s learning how to bring back their past quite successfully. I don´t just mean it´s bid to consolidate its historical and artistic heritage but also private initiatives, like this one at El Hammam, that bring back traditions that were completely forgotten. We´re referring to, of course, Turkish or Arabic baths that, in the past, before the 15th century, used to proliferate around what used to be Al-Andalus. Without going into any type of considerations, which aren´t relevant right now, El Hammam in Málaga is an authentic bath like the ones you can find in Marrakech (another of our favourite cities) or Istanbul. Made up of three rooms, a hot one (over 45ºC), a lukewarm one (40ºC) and a cold one (30ºC), this urban spa combines traditional Arabic treatments with those that come from the Far East.

If you feel like you´re overcome with tiredness, from your apartments in Malaga you can make a booking at El Hammam (remember that it´s very busy on weekends and that it´s essential that you make it via phone). With the different massages at your disposal, you´ll definitely manage to disconnect and forget about stress and body and soul aches. Don´t miss out on its scented natural soaps, a pleasure for the senses!