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Alfredo Viñas Gallery Málaga

That Málaga goes further than all the known clichés can be proved by checking out the list of authors at the Alfredo Viñas Gallery.

Together with the experienced Rafael Cárdenas (with an indiviual exhibition at the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, as we´ve already pointed out in the Málaga blog) or Broto, it also shows works by the groundbreaking twins from Cádiz MM Rosado, whose hanging windows caused a stir in the first Contemporary Art Biennial in Seville.

Javier Calleja, Chema Cobo, Abraham Lacalle or Lluís Lleó are well-known famous names for all art fans. Since its establishment in Málaga, Alfredo Viñas takes his creators wherever they need to show the interested public the latest avant-garde that´s promoted from this part of the world.

On many occasions we´ve recommended this Mediterranean city as another excellent destination to enjoy art, because to its museums we can add a private collection offer that´s more than worthy of praise. Even though we´re aware of the shyness of many travellers at the time of entering an art gallery, if you´re in this beautiful southern Spanish city, you can´t miss out on a visit to Alfredo Viñas Gallery, you might even take back a painting to your apartments in Malaga