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Ottocento – Alessio Ponti Fine Arts Gallery Rome

The Alessio Ponti Fine Arts Gallery in Rome opened its doors in 1997, specializing in the painting of the ´Ottocento´, a movement which was relevant in the Roman artistic scene. This has meant that it´s become an important tourist attraction for the lovers of this pictorial trend and a must-go place for art collectors and salesman at an international level.

Around about 2001, the gallery had made interesting exhibitions which gathered works and documentation of this artistic movement that had Rome as a protagonist and which trespassed frontiers, influencing many world-class painters.

Located on via di Montserrato 8, in the centre of Rome and close to the Piazza Farnese, it´s a pleasant place to get to know the history of Rome in the 19th century through painting and art, the time of splendor and wars which shaped Italy and Europe.

The gallery is open from Monday to Friday from 10am until 1pm and from 4.30pm until 8pm.

Remember how stressing the end of the year is, so it´s not a bad idea to take a few days off in apartments in Rome and visit Alessio Ponti Gallery, and then go and feed your belly in any classic trattoria in the city.