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There´s no need to describe Pacha, one of the most important clubs in the whole world with venues in various cities around the world. You can find this club in places like Ibiza, Buenos Aires, Marrakech and many other ones where, every weekend, thousands of people go to dance to the rhythm of that best DJs. For that reason, if you´re in Madrid and you like having fun you have to go to this club.


Pacha is a club where they present the most important DJs on the world stage and where you can dance until the early hours with yours friends and enjoy some great cocktails.


The place is full every day that it opens because those who decide to go know that they will enjoy it and that every event which the club organizes is worth it and is synonymous to party.


The only problem, which is what happens with the majority of the most famous clubs in the world, is that too many people go and queueing to get in might take more time that most would like. But the fun inside is assured.


If you want to visit the most important club in the city you can get Madrid accommodation and visit Pacha.