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Watergate Club

Berlin´s nights are one of the most important in Europe and the bars and clubs that there are are very diverse. Also, you can listen to the best electronic music because the most important and relevant DJs around the world, that attract the biggest crowds, go to the German capital frequently to make people dance until the early hours of the morning.


One of those clubs is Watergate Club which is located in the centre of Kreuzberg. The place has two floors and on the second, called Waterfloor, there´s the dancefloor where they play truly spectacular electronic music. The dancefloor is really wide so that everyone can dance without bumping into each other and the ceiling is covered in glass in order to be able to enjoy the star-studded nights. Also, part of the wall is also made out of glass and you can see the River Spree and the bridge that crosses it completely lit up.


The lower floor dancefloor plays more diverse music and there is where more space is available. For that reason if you want to buy a drink, the best you can do is go down there and queue because they won´t be as long.


Watergate Club brings the most important DJs in the world and because of that, every weekend you´ll be able to enjoy the most famous house and drum&bass musicians.


Nothing better than spending nights out partying in this city. If you want, you can rent apartments in Berlin and enjoy Watergate Club, one of its best clubs.