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Paloma Gámez in Madrid with Carta de Color

In its interesting summer programme, La Casa Encendida in Madrid exhibits until the 4th of September the project Carta de Color of the artist Paloma Gámez. With the artistic exhibition in the second floor of La Casa Encendida tries for the spectator to re-think the concept of painting when leaving the traditional support.

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Carta de Color is an interesting proposal by Gámez, in which she dialogues with the spectators about the effects of colour and symbolisms that the pictorial fact contains. The name used for the artistic exhibition refers to the classic tool used in industrial and artistic painting, photography and video. This tool allows precise control of colours and the most precise re those constructed on a cardboard with colour patches on it.

The project was born as part of an investigation that Gámez made previously, elaborating a colour chart. This chart was meant to be used in the exhibition of a part of La Casa Encendida. The colour chart the she designs is totally subjective, just like she organizes and executes her work without avoiding the game of uncertainty.

This work was taped on video to be projected in the exhibition as a complement of aesthetic work. In it you can see part of the process of the design of the colour chart with the aim to give visibility to the design and the production manner that creative work has.

The transformation of the place through painting generates a redefinition in the perception of the spectators on the architectonic space, questioning the ways that seemed already known.

Paloma Gámez studied in the Fine Arts School of Granada and this interesting exhibition is part of a series of works that she´s presented in different public places. Like her series Rojos which is a work that develops gridlines which are similar to those of a colour chart of a red tone. The work was especially made for three rooms of the Damián Bayón Centre. It´s unsettling because it invades the room in red, despite that the squares are on the floor and the walls are completely white.

Her permanent investigation of colour and the effect in the perception of the spectator is very interesting and it´s similar to a scientific experiment, where Gámez measures the answers and dabbles in new works.

Gámez poses each artistic work as a conceptual experience in which she applies a series of questions that determine the final result. It´s an unsettling way to get closer to colour, something that seems so natural but that in a work of art it´s the artificial and unreal part.

For more information: http://www.lacasaencendida.es/LCE/lceCruce/0,0,73537_0_73523_21464%24P1%3D16,00.html

Nancy Guzman Only-apartments AuthorNancy Guzman

If you´ve never been in an artistic intervention, this is a good chance to do so and see how a work of art develops right in front of you, transforming a normal space into a work of art. So, if you´re spending a few nice days in apartments in Madrid come to La Casa Encendida.

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