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Places to go in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the second biggest city in Israel, receiving over 2.5m tourists every year. Here are some of the most interesting places to visit. 

The city is divided in 9 districts, the oldest one being Jaffa, where the old port of the city is located, and it´s one of the most popular and most visited ones. In this district, as well as walking around its charming streets filled with restaurants, markets and a unique atmosphere, we recommend that you eat hummus for breakfast. You can have a walk around the flea market in the morning, the Ilana Gur Museum and the visitors centre in Jaffa.

Tel Aviv

To end the day that began with hummus, what better than having a nice glass of wine walking around the old port or on the beach of Givat Aliya.

Another district that you can´t miss is Neve Tzedek, home of many 20th century artists. Today, it´s a residential area with many art galleries, restaurants and designer stores. In this district you can find the Suzanne Dellal Centre, the official dance centre and whose resident company is the famous Bat-Sheva. Aside from offering an excellent dance and theatre programme, the place is located in a beautiful square surrounded by gardens.

The Museum of Art of Tel Aviv is also one of those places that we recommend going to due to its outstanding Israeli art collections and their broad selection of European painting. As well as having architecture and photography collections, inside you can also find the museum of film.

Hacarmel Market is one of the most visited and picturesque fruit and food markets. We recommend that you stop in its cheese, meat, Asian food and Turkish börek stalls and sample them. Inside, you can also find different restaurants where you can enjoy different foods from around the Middle East

The beaches are another of the charming parts of the city. With white sand and blue water, typical of the Mediterranean, we recommend Tal Baruch and Hatzok.

Since 2003, its White City, named after the large amount of white Bauhaus-architecture buildings there, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

German architects who emigrated to Israel in the 30s brought these aesthetic principles with them that we can admire today in this architectonic wonder. There are around 4000 buildings of this style in the city and a new urban redevelopment plan was put into place recently in order to preserve these architectonic gems, since the original immaculate white has developed into a more greyish, yellow and ochre colour. The recommended routes are along the following streets: Dizengoff, Bialik, Mazeh, Kalisher and Rothschild Boulevard.

To finish off with places in the middle of nature, so that our trip is as productive and varied as possible, we highlight Hayarkon Park, the biggest green sanctuary in the city. Weather permitting and if it´s not too hot, don´t miss out on a walk there, where you can also have a picnic or a ride on a boat, as well as being able to practice many sports there too.

Without doubt, Tel Aviv is a highly-recommended destination where you can carry out many activities and spend all day visiting the city before going to sleep in your rented accommodation in Tel Aviv.