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Next Stop: Prague

Prague, also known as the Golden City or the City of a Hundred Spires, is really quite magical with its palatial buildings and many turrets. It’s not hard to imagine why it feels that you are in a fairy tale.


The Town Hall’s Astronomical Clock

More than likely you have already heard of it a number of times, since it is the most famous medieval clock on the planet and it has been in the Town Hall clock tower since 1490, when it was built by the well-known master clockmaker Hanus. You can see it for yourself in the Clock Tower, which is nearby the Tyn Church. You won’t want to miss seeing the parade of the 12 apostles that takes place on every hour. It’s also an ideal spot to take a snapshot of the Old Town Square.


Photo: Klearchos Kapoutsis

Prague Castle and the Golden Lane

Once you’ve arrived at the Prague Castle, which is from the ninth century, you will soon realize that you are looking at the largest medieval castle in the world. It really is an impressive sight. It’s not a medieval fortress but rather a group of palaces set amongst a maze of narrow streets. Life in the Czech capital revolves around this castle, and in fact the city was once built around it. Inside, one of the most famous and popular streets is the Golden Lane. Full of small, colorful houses, this street can make time stand still. And it’s interesting to know that number 22 was once the home of Franz Kafka himself in the early twentieth century. This place was also believed to have been home to generations of alchemists and later, in the eighteenth century, populated by craftsmen.


Prague Towers

Another must-see of the city’s monuments is the Daliborka Tower, which once was a jailhouse for nobles and then later ended up being a common prison. The Black Tower was also once a prison but in this case for debtors. The White Tower was another prison where members of the nobility were imprisoned, while the Powder Tower eventually became a laboratory for the alchemists of King Rudolf II.


A romantic cruise along the Vltava River

Are you hoping to surprise your partner? Well, you can’t miss if you reserve an evening cruise with dinner and live music. During the three-hour ride, you will enjoy an evening of unparalleled views of the illuminated bridges that crisscross the Golden City, including the famous Charles Bridge. You’ll also see the National Theater and other medieval gems that are located throughout the Czech capital. And even better is the fact that the ride is quite affordable: the cruise and dinner package costs 36 euros for adults and 19 euros for children less than 11 years. All children under 3 are free.


The Budweiser factory

Few know that Budweiser beer is from the Czech Republic. But indeed, it is. There’s a long-standing brewing tradition in city of Ceske Budejovice. In fact, you can still visit the 13th-century building and test the universal benefits of this beverage for yourself in person. You can view historic machinery from the medieval era there as well. It’s interesting to compare how it was done then with how it is done today. The factory is open from 9 am to 5 pm, and the entrance fee is around 4 euros per person. It’s best to reserve in advance, especially if want to get to know the secrets of Budweiser with a guide. It’s definitely worth it.

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