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Restaurant Enoteca Ferrara Rome

At the heart of the Trastevere, on Piazza Trilussa, is Enoteca Ferrara, a high quality restaurant of first class cuisine which enables us to understand why Italian food is considered as one of the world´s best. This wonderful place has been open since 1988, being one of the best places to taste traditional wines.

Its interior decoration shows off its delicate taste, which goes with its cheese dishes and the antipasti of excellent quality, revealing the care that they have with the choice of products.

Its personalized service make it the ideal place to visit with friends and dine in a relaxing way, where nobody will bother you and you´ll be able to drink the best Italian wines while you wait for your meal.

Its staff is capable of making of your meal a lovely and relaxing time with their excellent service. What you do need to do is to book with good time so that you don´t get bored waiting for a table, because there are a lot of people on the waiting list every day.

Now is a good time to rent apartments in Rome and get to know the best of this city which is famous for its wonderful trattorias, such as Enoteca Ferrara, a place to enjoy and share in good company.