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Screens are invading us!

You still haven’t opened your eyes and your phone rings the annoying alarm. You get up and while the coffee is heating you, turn on your computer to check your emails or to listen to some music. You also turn the plasma TV on to see the news. Then you go to your work and spend the entire day in front of a screen, big and wide enough to hide behind it. Have you noticed that since you woke up you´ve been in front of four screens? The nowadays children expect a more digital future. But this is our time, our evolution, and we must adapt to it!

Screens are invading us

In ten years we have offices full of papers on desks with computers loaded folders. In ten years we have passed from offices full of papers to offices with computers loaded with folders. There are children who do not study with colourful notebooks, but they also have laptops. They learn how to properly adjust the chair, the screen, how to move the fingers across the keyboard and they understand the language of technology.

But if you do not take care of your posture, your mental and physical health will be affected, because of a simple screen. The hearing will be tired and upset with a hypersensitivity to light, itching, irritation, dizziness, watering, blurred or double vision, headache … You’ll have eyestrain and with a hypersensitivity to the light, itching, irritation, dizziness, watering, blurred or double vision, and also headache. To avoid this, it is necessary to keep the screen clean, focused, with a homogeneous light and to rest occasionally. It´s also good to listen to the neck, the back and the muscles, which can suffer from various stresses.

The National Institute of Health and Safety of the United States recommends getting fifteen minutes away from the screen every one to two hours of intense work at the computer. Furthermore, it is necessary to relax your eyes occasionally while you’re working. It is also advisable to blink often and to fix the eyes on a distant object as possible over five or ten seconds. If you feel you can not stand more, consult a specialist, ask for a massage or buy some glasses, but do not play with your health.

Once we have a right attitude toward the computer screen, we can take many advantages! The computers make our lives easier! We play music, open documents, view photos, etc. They avoid the use of so much paper, we gain in time, we can copy files, send them to other people. They are all advantages!

It´s also a whole controversy: the French courts recently banned Google because scanning books without the permission from the publishers. It had to pay 300,000 euros in damages… The idea of a free culture that offers a digital library to the world has to grow a little bit. We are experiencing an unprecedented change in how we consume and share the information, regarding also with the music and the movies.

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