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App of the month: Postagram

It seems like an eternity ago when people were still sending letters and postcards from their holidays. Thanks to advances in technology messaging or communicating over the distance in general has become much easier, particularly thanks to smartphones. This development over the past years has lead to the drastic decline of actual mail.

To capture memories from our trips the camera is an indispensable companion, but nowadays less people print out their pictures and they stay “digitally locked up” on our computers or phones.

Since August is the epitome of the holiday period, we think it is time to bring postcards back! This month we chose Postagram as app of the month, an app that allows you to send your pictures from your phone, computer and even social media accounts as real postcards.

This review is by Laura, digital marketing analyst.


Photo: Postagram

My view: My sister lives with her family in France and I live in Spain, like our parents. My nephew is nearly two years old. Since he was born pictures of him are being sent via email and cell phone almost on the daily between all family members. At the moment my sister is here with her family to visit. Her husband’s parents live in Canada and they don’t get to see my nephew all the time. My sister was actually the one who pointed this app out to me as they’re using it to send personalized postcards to the grandparents in Canada. It is a very cool way not only to send postcards, but also to share pictures.

Over the weekend we took some really good pictures of the whole family and of my nephew playing in the sand on the beach. My sister already sent two postcards to her in-laws. It’s really easy. You can send photos that are saved on your computer or mobile device, but you can also take photos from Instagram and turn them into a postcard.

The only downside to it is that outside of the US and Canada the delivery can take up to 2-3 weeks.

About the author: Laura is our digital marketing analyst. Of German-Spanish descent, she has travelled the whole globe with her family, living in Brazil, Germany, Spain and France. She loves to windsurf.