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Sea Life London Aquarium

To visit an unknown city is one of the most beautiful adventures one can undertake.


Arriving and deciding what places to go to, which places to see, which parks to visit and even talking to local people is a great experience.


If you´re in London and you like marine wildlife, a place you can´t miss out on is the Sea Life London Aquarium which, as its name points out, it´s a marine aquarium.


The Sea Life London Aquarium is located in the County Hall in South Bank, close to the famous London Eye, and it opened for the first time in March 1997, and it´s visited by millions of people every year thanks to the large amount of species which it presents, around 500.


The aquarium includes two classrooms which are there to dictate campaigns for the preservation of the species, and it receives over 40,000 children every year, although they´re also open for any public who wants to attend these classes.


This aquarium in the English capital quickly became one of the main attractions of the place and, for that reason, it receives so many visitors every year.


If you want to get to know it, you just have to rent apartments in London and enjoy all the beautiful places that it has.